When An Instinctive, Aggressive Reaction Is Required

David Kahn, February 21, 2019

When in danger, your brain and body respond reflexively. Therefore, your self-defense reaction must be both instantaneously reflexive and instinctive. If you are in a fight and an attacker makes an unanticipated or unrecognized action, the brain cannot find a practiced response resulting in decision paralysis. By training to respond, you will call upon your […]


What you need to know about the legality of protecting yourself with a martial art

David Kahn, January 4, 2019

(Excerpts from Krav Maga Combatives Maximum Effect, YMAA, 2019) If avoidance, de-escalation and escape fail, the goal is never to waver about resorting to counter-violence in the face of violence. True self-defense focuses not simply on survival, but rather on how to neutralize the aggressor. T here is no pity or humanity in a, perhaps, desperate […]


Krav Maga for today’s Police

David Kahn, December 28, 2018

Police Krav Maga™ emphasizes defending against any manner of unarmed and armed attacks, safeguarding personal weapons, use-of-force (UOF) compliant arrest and control standard operating procedure (SOP), and performing other law enforcement and security-related measures. The system provides for an all-important DT multiplier effect by establishing a few core tactics that can handle myriad threats. Police Krav […]


Krav Maga – ” Krav Maga’s Dirty Dozen of Combatives and what they mean”

David Kahn, December 5, 2018

Linear Kicks/Knees: Straight Kicks/Knees, low-line Sidekicks, Rear Defensive Kicks  » depending on the targeting, these combatives could result in a dislocated knee, destroyed MCL or ACL or both, damaged genitalia, knocking the wind out of an opponent, fracturing ribs and other injuriesLow Roundhouse Kicks  » depending on the targeting, these combatives could result in a dislocated […]


The Mastering Krav Maga Online’s History

David Kahn, November 28, 2018

– From Kickstarter to today’s elite resource for Israeli Krav Maga In 2015, with a view that streaming would eventually supplant DVD use, we embarked on creating Mastering Krav Maga Online. We launched MKM 1.0 in 2016 through the generous back of Kickstarters. We are now proud once again to launch MKM 2.0 in the […]


“Hybridization” – your key to mixing Krav Maga with your current system

David Kahn, November 10, 2018

Good tactical minds often think alike. Whatever your martial arts or defensive tactics background, or if you have none at all, hopefully, Israeli Krav Maga can add some additional defensive combatives and combinations to your repertoire. Krav Maga is world renowned for its solutions to prevail against all manners of attacks. With diligent work, these […]


Ground Survival

David Kahn, October 30, 2018

As noted previously, Israeli Krav Maga survival can generally be summarized, “What we do up, we do down.” In other words, whatever we do from an upright position, with modification and your weight properly positioned, we do from a ground position. This includes positioning the defender for optimum secondary-weapon deployment. And just as there are no rules […]


The Everyone Kravist Mindset: Empower the Mind and Protect the Body

David Kahn, October 12, 2018

To make the method yours and react instinctively, you must put just as much emphasis on mental training as you do the physical. Krav maga hones both your mental and physical skills. With correct training, you’ll learn to conquer your fear to control the energy and power from your body’s fight or flight response. You will train […]


Why more women MUST embrace Krav Maga for personal defense

David Kahn, September 26, 2018

Israeli Krav Maga provides women with an unparalleled ability to defeat a larger, stronger, and even armed attacker. The tactics are designed for any women regardless of size, strength or athletic ability. The goal is to present women (and men) workable defensive measures to safeguard one’s own safety. As I previously noted, you may be […]


What courses should I take first?

David Kahn, September 9, 2018

We teach our curriculum by emphasizing combatives first. A Combativeis any manner of strike, takedown, throw, joint lock, choke, or other offensive fighting movements. Within the krav maga belt curriculum, great emphasis is placed on mastering strikes and footwork. Each successive (belt) level builds a Kravist’s combatives repertoire.  A new student would do well to […]


Why “The Buddy System” is the best way to learn an online martial arts curriculum

David Kahn, September 2, 2018

The key to at-home or independent training is to find at least one compatible training partner who will gradually orchestrate attacks at full force and resistance to the counter-tactics. Women need to train with men and men need to train with men. Obviously, no one should get injured in any type of training. Yet, training […]


The Four General Types of Violence

David Kahn, August 29, 2018

There are four general reasons for common types of violence:1 ) Apprehension: You represent some sort of threat to another person (or animal).  Nonviolent solution: De-escalate using a non-threatening manner including open palms and a slow, calm, conciliatory approach and voice. Note: One of the more common provocations can be invading someone’s personal space.  2 […]


So What Is The Difference Between Our Original Israeli Krav Maga And Other Krav Maga Interpretations?

David Kahn, August 26, 2018

Proper body mechanics, movement, and retzev (“continuous combat motion”) coupled with the IKMA’s innovations separate us. As noted, there are now many interpretations of krav maga. Some are rooted in founder Imi Lichtenfeld’s original teachings while others bear no resemblance. The bottom line is if you prevent physical harm to yourself or others, your krav […]



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