What courses should I take first?

We teach our curriculum by emphasizing combatives first. A Combative is any manner of strike, takedown, throw, joint lock, choke, or other offensive fighting movements. Within the krav maga belt curriculum, great emphasis is placed on mastering strikes and footwork. Each successive (belt) level builds a Kravist’s combatives repertoire. 

Where to start?

A new student would do well to first complete the following eight courses to build a Combatives base. A combatives base enables the all-important counter-attack capability should conflict avoidance, de-escalation, de-confliction, retreat or escape not be possible.

  1. Mastering Krav Maga Online Overview
  2. Israeli Krav Maga Principles
  3. Stance and Movement
  4. Fall Breaks, Rolls & Getting Up 
  5. Upper-body Combatives
  6. Lower-body Combatives
  7. Upper- and Lower-body combinations
  8. Retzev

We recommend going through each course technique and practicing it a minimum of 15-20 repetitions each with a training partner.  You probably would not want to exceed trying to learn more four to six tactics per hour or spending about 12-15 minutes per technique. This time window is about what it takes to begin to master a movement and both adopt and appreciate any subtleties. You may also spend time in front of a mirror performing Combatives, Combative Combinations, and Retzev. Usually, anywhere from five to fifteen minutes produces good results in improving your skill set as you can monitor and reflect (literally and figuratively!) your form and progress.

Also, try to always make the movements long even though even while being careful not to strike your partner. For retzev, I would suggest practicing in front of a full-length mirror to observe the fluidity of your movements, your pivoting/weight transfer, and balance.

If you are going to practice the combatives in the air against your partner take a step back so you can execute almost the entire movement without locking your elbows or knees. In other words, try to avoid short movements. 

To develop long movements along with power you might want to invest in a 120 lb heavy bag or some good muy thai pads and a solid kicking shield.